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Areas of Focus



Part of the human experience is facing difficult situations that may bring pain. Sometimes, we can get trapped in that pain. We may not realize the extent of the pain until much later in life. But you are not what happened to you, and you deserve to heal and move forward into the life you want.


I tend to define trauma as any chronic or disruption of a person's sense of safety, identity, and well-being. It's not the label of the event, but the experience of the event that makes it traumatic. I work with clients at their own pace, to help them clarify feelings and disrupt negative messaging surrounding trauma, and seek the appropriate steps they may need in healing. I am trained in EMDR and use mindfulness based practices to help clients to explore trauma responses that may be "trapped" in the body, and work to move through it both physically and emotionally. 

Trauma treatment
Anxiety and depression



Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health disorders in the U.S. Anxiety can bring fear, worry, crippling self-doubt. Depression can bring deep sadness, emptiness, feelings of worthlessness. Mood disorders can have a variety of contributing factors, and often, they can exist simultaneously. 


I work with clients to help them manage symptoms to improve quality of life, while also working to explore the root cause of the symptoms. This work can look very different depending on the client's background, and current factors. I often work with ACT, relational therapy, and mindfulness, to help clients gain skills necessary to cope with and work through anxiety and depression. 


Feel out of control around food? Have a love/ hate relationship with food, weight or exercise? Existing in a binge/ restrict cycle? I work with clients to overcome thoughts of negative self-worth, break the binge/ restrict cycle, and learn to love and trust your body (and food) again. 


I use aspects of HAES (Health At Every Size) and IE (Intuitive Eating) to help clients develop positive self-beliefs, cultivate self-worth not dependent on body size, and build a healthy, joyful relationship with food, weight, and movement. Let's work together to help life open up for you.

Body image eating disorders



Life happens. We move. Graduate. Fall in love. Experience heartbreak. Lose loved ones. Explore new relationships. Leave old relationships. Cope with illness. Experience significant family changes. Change careers... the list goes on. Navigating these life changes can be challenging, and sometimes in the midst of the chaos, we lose sight of ourselves. 


I work with clients to help them reconnect to or develop their sense of self, cope with loss, navigate relationships, and help them to clarify their values and begin to heal through transitions and relationships by aligning themselves with their values.

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